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      What processes could be automated?

      Maintaining an online presence isn’t easy, so what part can be automated for focus only in the manual ones and saving time?

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      It’s hard to help out with a generic reply (since the context matters quite a lot).

      What I can say is that every process is comprised of steps, each step expecting some input and resulting in some outcome.

      Taking a closer look at each of these steps will reveal some opportunities to research and discover activities to automate.

      Not everything can be automated. But plenty of things can, many of whose can be made optimal.

      Automating your online presence

      With an online presence, consider what it takes to be “present online“.

      With existing, evergreen content, you can keep investing in paid campaigns or boosted posts. Facebook (and most ad platforms) are smart and flexible enough to handle most of this on autopilot. So you’re good to go on this front.

      Things like content production are different. You either outsource to a ghost writer or write yourself. It’s unique content after all. You can “spin” content with automated tools but the quality would be utterly horrible. Same as automated translation with Google Translate across multiple languages.

      Submitting and publishing content? Tools help out with this one. Buffer for scheduling social statuses is one of the options. WordPress allows for scheduling multiple pieces in a row over a period of time.

      Email marketing allows for automated cadences, online courses, and others, defined once and iterated upon every subscriber.

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      Almost anything, I would say. What couldn’t be automated? This is the question. Even the writing and translation process – quite a creative work – automated now that to those numerous writing resources. Agreed? So, I don’t even know. I would recommend you to look for an article on that subject. And also you can see how writing resources are working. For example, here at my assignment help. Maybe it could help you to explore that subject and give you a few ideas about good writers.

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