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Good SEO strategies?

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      Do you have good strategies to be found in the first pages of search engines? Specially with those constant algorithm changes.

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      With organic search, there have been two constant factors that prevail: content quality and link building.

      The rules of the game simply evolve with time.

      Link Building

      15 years ago, a handful of links were helpful enough to get you to page 1. A few years later, everyone joined the web space and competition became fierce.

      This led to the inception of link building networks. Groups of sites (or entire communities) charging for links in their corresponding equivalent of “resource pages” (think of classifieds sites and other link collections).

      For about $100, you were able to acquire hundreds of thousands of random links. This made some folks wildly successful overnight – but just for a limited amount of time.

      With Google updates like Pengiun and Panda, all of those networks were busted, millions of sites – banned, and new rules prevented random businesses from skyrocketing their rankings with paid links.

      But backlinks still work. They simply have to be relevant. Coming from other sites in your field. Sitting in the content area, not in global/resource pages.

      The concept of high authority matters, too. Google killed their Page Rank system but you can still use Moz or SEMrush to roughly check up the domain authority of a given site. Best-case scenario, high DA within your niche and a link in a post (guest post, sponsored post, article) without a lot of competition.

      Content Quality

      Again, back in year 2000, 300-word pieces were ranking very well. It went up to 500, then 800, about a thousand. In 2015, 1,500 words were a reasonable count for an article that ranks well. In the marketing field, it was approximately 2,000 words.

      With Brian Dean’s “Skyscraper technique”, marketers went on to building humongous guides and listicles. Some are over 10,000 words long, and rank for plenty of long-tail keywords.

      Again, length alone doesn’t help. You need high-quality content (which usually gathers links and other social signals like shares and mentions). But improving your content and working on your keyword density definitely helps.

      In addition to links and content, Google cares about other factors, of course. They change their algorithm 500-700 times a year, which is why nothing works forever (or in the same way).

      Topic clusters and content categorization matter in 2019. Building relevant categories, while cross-linking relevant content, and covering different areas of the same high-level topic will send a signal to Google that this is a conversation you care about, and give you a boost.

      And similarly to Wikipedia, quoting stats from authoritative sources works well.

      Google won’t rank a car dealership site that has a random article about flowers or perfumes for these keywords. This is why content relevancy matters (in the context of those topic clusters).

      Reducing your bounce rate and increasing the time spent on site are also notable. Mobile accessibility and site speed, too.

      Last tip: content upgrades. Updating your old content on a regular basis will boost your rankings. Old content is often forgotten (and made obsolete if irrelevant), and this is noted by users searching on Google. If you see an article dated from 2014, you’ll likely bounce back and search for a more recent piece. This one works pretty well still.

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      According to my search optimization is all about three things if you would take care of these three factors your site will perform well.

      1- On-Page Optimization – Optimize your meta tags and page content properly.

      2- Technical SEO- Optimize your website loading time, 301 redirects, etc.

      3- Off-Page Optimization- the most important and continuous process, you would need to earn backlinks on a regular basis. If you are not so able to do this by yourself hire an SEO service provider company.

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