Advice Forums Forums Marketing Paying per view, like or action?

Paying per view, like or action?

Advice Forums Forums Marketing Paying per view, like or action?

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      Ads sites offer several options.
      I have seen the next:
      The cheaper is paying per views, just that.
      The next is paying just when people like/join the page/site.
      The more expensive is paying until the final user do some action like signing up or buying, more like commission.

      What is the best or how could I combine strategies?

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      Your assumption is correct — and I’ve discussed the ad efficiency in your previous question on How to target Facebook ads.

      And it’s quite logical, really. Aiming for reach alone gets you brand awareness. There’s no tangible ROI here and Facebook can wiggle around freely while cutting costs.

      Paying for conversion (or a sale) is a tough promise that also depends on your existing brand, creatives, headline, product quality, landing page design – you name it. Most of the time, it’s a tough sell, which is exponentially more expensive for Facebook as well.

      Finding a healthy mix is important. It’s usually a combination of sending traffic to freebies and other landing pages that will likely collect leads for you (that you can nurture later) + remarketing on Facebook for this audience which is warming up.

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