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    What is the best way to really create a profile for my target audience and avoid promoting to uninterested people?

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    OK, reality check:

    You will always annoy some people who couldn’t care less about your product or a service. Regardless of how narrow your true audience is.

    Of course, you don’t have to be spammy.

    But there are several aspects to your questions:

    Defining a reasonable target audience, clearly, in detail
    Working on building a brand
    Making sure your solution is really outstanding (and this is clear)
    Nurturing your audience through a more complex funnel
    You are only asking for the first step. And here’s a handy guide for defining your buyer persona.

    But promoting to them out of nowhere will reduce your success rates big time. Lower click-through rates. No sales (from an unknown business). Etc.

    Which is why building a brand matters. A lot.

    Product/service quality? That, too. The more clear, niche, actionable and measurable your solution is, the better it sells. A strong brand just supports that initiative.

    And the complex funnel is crucial for more complex transactions. Especially enterprise-grade deals. It’s just mandatory, nobody is pouring in 6 figures out of a Facebook ad or a landing page unless they completely trust the business or the product is used by everyone in the industry (which is kind of the same thing).

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