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Using LinkedIn to find candidates

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      Can we use LinkedIn for find good candidates, what is a good strategy to do it?

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      Sure, it’s a great place to “find” talented fits for your organization.

      I stress on *find* as listing them down is just the first step of the process.

      I read a wonderful post on the trouble hiring senior engineers a couple of days ago which explains the disconnect between the traditional hiring process and the growing market need for engineers. There have been multiple examples that illustrate the hiring case for more senior candidates:

      “When hiring senior engineers, the company doesn’t choose the candidate, the candidate chooses the company.”

      Or, put more simply:

      “When hiring senior engineers, you’re not buying, you’re selling.”

      This is extremely important to figure out while conducting your recruitment campaigns. I urge you to read this post before starting a hiring round as it’s pure food for thought.

      LinkedIn is pretty straightforward in its core. Throughout a myriad of filters, you can search for applicants with a previous job experience (and its duration), in certain roles, at given locations, you name it.

      You can exclude and include companies you want to avoid (friends) or focus on (relevant industries that will reduce your onboarding experience).

      There is no better network that lets you filter as thoroughly, review CVs “for free”, and even get access to testimonials.

      The real problem is convincing those applicants that your job is worth pursuing. Of course, top talent is already employed or runs their own business. Making the leap should come with a very legitimate reason — which makes it double as complicated if you don’t have the brand positioning in place.

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